What are graded stakes horse races, and who assigns the grades to America’s top thoroughbred horse races?

Pick Pony |May 17, 2024, 1:05 p.m.

Graded Stakes Races

What are graded stakes?

Graded stakes represent elite thoroughbred horse races in the United States where the top horses come from around the world to compete against the best - and win the largest purses. Races must meet minimum requirements and are assigned one of four grades - I, II, III, or “listed”. A similar grading system is used in Canada and Europe. Stakes that are graded high often have better potential money-making opportunities than lower-graded or ungraded races.

“Stakes” are the fees an owner must pay to participate in the race. These fees become part of the prize money offered to the top finishers. Generally, the owner first pays a fee to be considered for the race (a nomination or subscription fee). This fee is paid months in advance (the later you wait, the higher the fee). If accepted, they then pay another, larger fee to make the gate.

Who grades thoroughbred stakes?

Stakes races are graded by the American Graded Stakes Committee, a part of the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, based in Lexington, Kentucky. This committee was created in 1973.

In 1974, The Blood-Horse published the first list of 330 North American Graded Stakes. The English Jockey Club's Weatherby’s Pattern Race book immediately included this list. In 1975, Fasig-Tipton Co. added North American grades to its catalogs, and Keeneland Association did the same in 1976. The Daily Racing Form started listing grades in 1978. By 1981, international auction houses, national breeders organizations, and racing authorities formed the International Cataloguing Standards Committee to standardize cataloging worldwide. They recognized the TOBA North American Graded Stakes Committee as the grading authority for North American races.

How are thoroughbred stakes graded?

The American Graded Stakes Committee meets annually, usually in November or December. Armed with statistics for all the races, they operate as a Board and vote, within specific guidelines, to determine the grade for a race.

Graded stakes criteria

The committee uses a “workbook” to help grade races based on specific criteria.

Purse requirement

To be listed, a race must have a purse of at least $75,000: $100,000 for Grade III, $200,000 for Grade II, and $300,000 for Grade I.

Drug testing

The committee’s drug testing protocol, including testing samples from the horses, must be followed. The racetrack must also be in good standing with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s anti-doping and medication program.


Racetracks must follow the rules for androgenic-anabolic steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, allowing only Boldenone, Nandrolone, Stanozolol, and testosterone. This is a minimum standard; some racing jurisdictions have even higher medication restrictions.

In addition, using furosemide (Laxis) in all Black Type races is prohibited.

Equipment restrictions

Races must meet any equipment restrictions imposed by the committee. For instance, in 2008, the committee began requiring that toe grabs on horseshoes (designed to improve traction) be no longer than 2 millimeters (longer toe grabs can cause injuries to the horse).


Races may only be graded if they have two previous runnings under basically the same conditions, including purse requirements.

Restricted races

A race will not be graded if it has restrictive provisions such as state-bred restrictions.


Unlike restrictions, preferences can be written if the goal is to achieve the highest quality field. This may include standards such as graded wins/places, graded earnings, points from wins, etc.

The four graded stakes levels

At the top of the pyramid are Grade I races, the epitome of horse racing excellence. These races are a spectacle, offering substantial prizes for horses of the same age group (2, 3, or 3 and up). They are often further restricted by sex, adding an extra layer of competition.

Listed races

Listed races are the lowest level of graded stakes. The participants in these races are not quite good enough to run in G1, G2, or G3 races but are pushing to make the step up to the next level.

Grade III races

A level down from Grade 1 and Grade 2 stakes, G3 stakes have a noticeably smaller purse and attract horses that are among the best in the country but not quite good enough to make Grade 2. This is the most common stakes race and typically draws many horses.

Grade II races

Grade II stakes are a cut below Grade 1 but still attract very talented horses. In fact, if a Grade II race attracts horses that normally run in G1 stakes, the race may be upgraded to G1 the following year.

Grade I races

This is the highest-rated race, limited to only the top-rated horses in the country. This includes the Triple Crown races—the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes.
Many Grade 1 races have weight conditions that vary with age. These “weight-for-age” conditions require weights to be adjusted only according to age and sex.

List of Grade 1, 2, and 3 races

Race nameGradePurseAgeSexDistanceSurfaceRacetrackDate
Las Flores StakesIII$100,0004&upf&m6 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park1 January 2024
San Vicente StakesII$200,5003yoopen7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park6 January 2024
Sham StakesIII$100,0003yoopen1 mileDirtSanta Anita Park8 January 2023
Santa Ynez StakesIII$98,0003yofillies7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park7 January 2024
Las Cienegas StakesIII$103,0004&upf&mabt. 6+12 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park14 January 2024
La Cañada StakesIII$100,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park20 January 2024
Lecomte StakesIII$194,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtFair Grounds20 January 2024
Louisiana StakesIII$169,7504&upopen1+116 milesDirtFair Grounds20 January 2024
Pegasus World Cup Turf InvitationalI$952,3004&upopen1+18 milesTurfGulfstream Park27 January 2024
Pegasus World Cup Invitational StakesI$2,932,7004&upopen1+18 milesDirtGulfstream Park27 January 2024
La Prevoyante StakesIII$150,0004&upf&m1+12 milesTurfGulfstream Park27 January 2024
W. L. McKnight StakesIII$200,0004&upopen1+12 milesTurfGulfstream Park27 January 2024
Pegasus World Cup Filly and Mare Turf InvitationalII$485,6004&upf&m1+116 milesTurfGulfstream Park27 January 2024
Inside Information StakesII$210,0004&upf&m7 furlongsDirtGulfstream Park27 January 2024
Fred W. Hooper StakesIII$150,0004&upopen1 mileDirtGulfstream Park27 January 2024
John B. Connally Turf CupIII$200,0004&upopen1+12 milesTurfSam Houston27 January 2024
Houston Ladies ClassicIII$300,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtSam Houston27 January 2024
San Pasqual StakesII$201,0004&upopen1+18 milesDirtSanta Anita Park27 January 2024
Oaklawn Park)">Bayakoa Stakes (Oaklawn Park)III$250,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park2 February 2024
Southwest StakesIII$800,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park3 February 2024
Megahertz StakesIII$101,0004&upf&m1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park3 February 2024
Holy Bull StakesIII$260,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtGulfstream Park3 February 2024
Forward Gal StakesIII$145,0003yofillies7 furlongsDirtGulfstream Park3 February 2024
Kitten's Joy StakesIII$175,0003yoopen1+116 milesTurfGulfstream Park3 February 2024
Sweetest Chant StakesIII$175,0003yofillies1+116 milesTurfGulfstream Park3 February 2024
Endeavour StakesIII$150,0004&upf&m1+116 milesTurfTampa Bay Downs3 February 2024
Tampa Bay StakesIII$150,0004&upopen1+116 milesTurfTampa Bay Downs3 February 2024
Thunder Road StakesIII$101,0004&upopen1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park3 February 2024
Santa Monica StakesII$200,0004&upf&m7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park3 February 2024
Robert B. Lewis StakesIII$201,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park3 February 2024
Toboggan StakesIII$150,0004&upopen7 furlongsDirtAqueduct3 February 2024
Withers StakesIII$250,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtAqueduct3 February 2024
Las Virgenes StakesIII$100,0003yofillies1 mileDirtSanta Anita Park10 February 2024
San Marcos StakesII$100,5004&upopen1+14 milesTurfSanta Anita Park10 February 2024
Palos Verdes StakesIII$100,0004&upopen6 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park10 February 2024
Sam F. Davis StakesIII$200,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtTampa Bay Downs10 February 2024
Rachel Alexandra StakesII$291,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtFair Grounds17 February 2024
Risen Star StakesII$400,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtFair Grounds17 February 2024
Mineshaft StakesIII$247,5004&upopen1+116 milesDirtFair Grounds17 February 2024
Fair Grounds StakesIII$175,0004&upopen1+18 milesTurfFair Grounds17 February 2024
Barbara Fritchie StakesIII$200,0004&upf&m7 furlongsDirtLaurel Park17 February 2024
General George StakesIII$250,0004&upopen7 furlongsDirtLaurel Park17 February 2024
Royal Delta StakesIII$154,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtGulfstream Park17 February 2024
Sunland DerbyIII$400,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtSunland Park18 February 2024
Razorback HandicapIII$600,0004&upopen1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park24 February 2024
Rebel StakesII$1,000,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park24 February 2024
Honeybee StakesIII$300,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park24 February 2024
Santa Ana StakesIII$101,0004&upf&m1+14 milesTurfSanta Anita Park24 February 2024
Tom Fool HandicapIII$175,0004&upopen6 furlongsDirtAqueduct2 March 2024
Gotham StakesIII$300,0003yoopen1 mileDirtAqueduct2 March 2024
Fountain of Youth StakesII$400,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtGulfstream Park2 March 2024
Mac Diarmida StakesII$200,0004&upopen1+38 milesTurfGulfstream Park2 March 2024
Davona Dale StakesII$210,0003yofillies1 mileDirtGulfstream Park2 March 2024
Herecomesthebride StakesIII$200,0003yofillies1+116 milesTurfGulfstream Park2 March 2024
Canadian Turf StakesIII$150,0004&upopen1 mileTurfGulfstream Park2 March 2024
Honey Fox StakesIII$150,0004&upf&m1 mileTurfGulfstream Park2 March 2024
The Very One StakesIII$150,0004&upf&m1+38 milesTurfGulfstream Park2 March 2024
Gulfstream Park Mile StakesII$200,0004&upopen1 mileDirtGulfstream Park2 March 2024
Santa Anita HandicapI$401,0004&upopen1+14 milesDirtSanta Anita Park3 March 2024
Frank E. Kilroe MileI$301,5004&upopen1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park3 March 2024
San Felipe StakesII$294,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park3 March 2024
Buena Vista StakesII$202,0004&upf&m1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park3 March 2024
Santa Ysabel StakesIII$101,5003yofillies1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park9 March 2024
San Simeon StakesIII$101,5003&upopenabt. 6+12 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park9 March 2024
Beholder Mile StakesI$301,0003&upf&m1 mileDirtSanta Anita Park9 March 2024
Azeri StakesII$400,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park9 March 2024
Tampa Bay DerbyII$350,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtTampa Bay Downs9 March 2024
Hillsborough StakesII$200,0004&upf&m1+18 milesTurfTampa Bay Downs9 March 2024
Florida OaksIII$155,0003yofillies1+116 milesTurfTampa Bay Downs9 March 2024
Challenger StakesIII$100,0004&upopen1+116 milesDirtTampa Bay Downs9 March 2024
Hurricane Bertie StakesIII$129,0004&upf&m6+12 furlongsDirtGulfstream Park9 March 2024
San Carlos StakesIII$101,5003&upopen7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park16 March 2024
Whitmore StakesIII$250,0004&upopen6 furlongsDirtOaklawn Park16 March 2024
Essex HandicapIII$600,0004&upopen1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park23 March 2024
Fair Grounds OaksII$376,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtFair Grounds23 March 2024
New Orleans Classic StakesII$490,0004&upopen1+18 milesDirtFair Grounds23 March 2024
Louisiana DerbyII$1,000,0003yoopen1+316 milesDirtFair Grounds23 March 2024
Muniz Memorial Classic StakesII$300,0004&upopen1+18 milesTurfFair Grounds23 March 2024
Desert Stormer StakesIII$98,0004&upf&m6 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park25 March 2023
Jeff Ruby SteaksIII$700,0003yoopen1+18 milesAll weatherTurfway Park23 March 2024
Kentucky Cup Classic StakesIII$292,0004&upopen1+18 milesAll weatherTurfway Park23 March 2024
San Luis Rey StakesIII$100,0004&upopen1+12 milesTurfSanta Anita Park23 March 2024
Ghostzapper StakesIII$150,0004&upopen1+116 milesDirtGulfstream Park30 March 2024
Orchid StakesIII$150,0004&upf&m1+12 milesTurfGulfstream Park30 March 2024
Florida DerbyI$1,000,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtGulfstream Park30 March 2024
Pan American StakesII$200,0004&upopen1+12 milesTurfGulfstream Park30 March 2024
Gulfstream Park OaksII$255,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtGulfstream Park30 March 2024
Arkansas DerbyI$1,500,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtOaklawn Park30 March 2024
Oaklawn Mile StakesIII$500,0004&upopen1 mileDirtOaklawn Park30 March 2024
Fantasy StakesIII$750,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park30 March 2024
Wilshire StakesIII$102,5003&upf&m1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park4 April 2024
American StakesIII$102,5003&upopen1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park4 April 2024
Transylvania StakesIII$397,2633yoopen1+116 milesTurfKeeneland5 April 2024
Ashland StakesI$598,7503yofillies1+116 milesDirtKeeneland5 April 2024
Distaff StakesIII$169,7504&upf&m7 furlongsDirtAqueduct6 April 2024
Gazelle StakesIII$200,0003yofillies1+18 milesDirtAqueduct6 April 2024
Wood MemorialII$750,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtAqueduct6 April 2024
Carter HandicapII$279,0004&upopen7 furlongsDirtAqueduct6 April 2024
Commonwealth StakesIII$294,5004&upopen7 furlongsDirtKeeneland6 April 2024
Santa Anita OaksII$300,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park6 April 2024
Santa Anita DerbyI$751,5003yoopen1+18 milesDirtSanta Anita Park6 April 2024
Monrovia StakesIII$101,0003&upf&m6+12 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park6 April 2024
Madison StakesI$591,0504&upf&m7 furlongsDirtKeeneland6 April 2024
Shakertown StakesII$337,9693&upopen5+12 furlongsTurfKeeneland6 April 2024
Blue Grass StakesI$995,7823yoopen1+18 milesDirtKeeneland6 April 2024
Appalachian StakesII$386,8883yofillies1 mileTurfKeeneland6 April 2024
Beaumont StakesII$395,0633yofillies7 furlongs 184 feetDirtKeeneland7 April 2024
Maker's Mark Mile StakesI$517,7754&upopen1 mileTurfKeeneland12 April 2024
Apple Blossom HandicapI$1,250,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtOaklawn Park13 April 2024
Count Fleet Sprint HandicapIII$500,0003&upopen6 furlongsDirtOaklawn Park13 April 2024
Jenny Wiley StakesI$511,2504&upf&m1+116 milesTurfKeeneland13 April 2024
Lexington StakesIII$365,5003yoopen1+116 milesDirtKeeneland13 April 2024
Giant's Causeway StakesIII$260,7133&upf&m5+12 furlongsTurfKeeneland13 April 2024
Doubledogdare StakesIII$292,5944&upf&m1+116 milesDirtKeeneland19 April 2024
Ben Ali StakesIII$300,0004&upopen1+316 milesDirtKeeneland20 April 2024
Oaklawn HandicapII$1,250,0004&upopen1+18 milesDirtOaklawn Park20 April 2024
Californian StakesIII$98,0003&upopen1+18 milesDirtSanta Anita Park20 April 2024
Providencia StakesIII$100,5003yofillies1+18 milesTurfSanta Anita Park20 April 2024
Elkhorn StakesII$313,7504&upopen1+12 milesTurfKeeneland20 April 2024
Santa Maria StakesII$201,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park21 April 2024
Bewitch StakesIII$290,1254&upf&m1+12 milesTurfKeeneland26 April 2024
Royal Heroine StakesIII$102,5004&upf&m1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park27 April 2024
San Francisco Mile StakesIII$177,7003&upopen1 mileTurfGolden Gate Fields27 April 2024
Unbridled Sidney StakesIII$333,6703&upf&m5+12 furlongsTurfChurchill Downs3 May 2024
Modesty StakesIII$386,3404&upf&m1+18 milesTurfChurchill Downs3 May 2024
Kentucky OaksI$1,500,0003yofillies1+18 milesDirtChurchill Downs3 May 2024
Sheepshead Bay StakesIII$194,0004&upf&m1+38 milesTurfAqueduct3 May 2024
Westchester StakesIII$175,0004&upopen1 mileDirtAqueduct3 May 2024
Eight Belles StakesII$534,3403yofillies7 furlongsDirtChurchill Downs3 May 2024
Edgewood StakesII$529,6703yofillies1+116 milesTurfChurchill Downs3 May 2024
Alysheba StakesII$730,0004&upopen1+116 milesDirtChurchill Downs3 May 2024
La Troienne StakesI$1,000,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtChurchill Downs3 May 2024
Kentucky DerbyI$5,000,0003yoopen1+14 milesDirtChurchill Downs4 May 2024
Twin Spires Turf Sprint StakesII$569,7703&upopen5+12 furlongsTurfChurchill Downs4 May 2024
Churchill Downs StakesI$1,000,0004&upopen7 furlongsDirtChurchill Downs4 May 2024
Derby City Distaff StakesI$1,000,0004&upf&m7 furlongsDirtChurchill Downs4 May 2024
Turf Classic StakesI$1,000,0004&upopen1+18 milesTurfChurchill Downs4 May 2024
American Turf StakesII$596,5603yoopen1+116 milesTurfChurchill Downs4 May 2024
Churchill Distaff Turf Mile StakesII$500,0004&upf&m1 mileTurfChurchill Downs4 May 2024
Pat Day Mile StakesII$594,7103yoopen1 mileDirtChurchill Downs4 May 2024
Charles Whittingham StakesII$201,5003&upopen1+14 milesTurfSanta Anita Park4 May 2024
Ruffian StakesII$200,0004&upf&m1 mileDirtAqueduct4 May 2024
Fort Marcy StakesII$194,0004&upopen1+18 milesTurfAqueduct4 May 2024
Whimsical StakesIIICA$140,0254&upf&m6 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)4 May 2024
Senorita StakesIII$101,5003yofilliesabt. 6+12 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park5 May 2024
Beaugay StakesIII$169,7504&upf&m1+116 milesTurfAqueduct11 May 2024
Runhappy StakesIII$169,7504&upopen6 furlongsDirtAqueduct11 May 2024
Man o' War StakesII$400,0004&upopen1+38 milesTurfAqueduct11 May 2024
Peter Pan StakesIII$200,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtAqueduct11 May 2024
Soaring Softly StakesIII$175,0003yofillies6 furlongsTurfAqueduct12 May 2024
Jacques Cartier StakesIIICA$152,1004&upopen6 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)14 May 2023
Black-Eyed Susan StakesII$300,0003yofillies1+18 milesDirtPimlico17 May 2024
Miss Preakness StakesIII$150,0003yofillies6 furlongsDirtPimlico17 May 2024
Pimlico SpecialIII$250,0003&upopen1+316 milesDirtPimlico17 May 2024
Vagrancy StakesIII$175,0004&upf&m6+12 furlongsDirtAqueduct18 May 2024
Chick Lang StakesIII$200,0003yoopen6 furlongsDirtPimlico18 May 2024
Dinner Party StakesIII$200,0003&upopen1+116 milesTurfPimlico18 May 2024
Preakness StakesI$1,650,0003yoopen1+316 milesDirtPimlico18 May 2024
Gallorette StakesIII$100,0003&upf&m1+116 milesTurfPimlico18 May 2024
Louisville StakesIII$222,3004&upopen1+12 milesTurfChurchill Downs18 May 2024
Maryland Sprint StakesIII$100,0003&upopen6 furlongsDirtPimlico18 May 2024
Pennine Ridge StakesII$200,0003yoopen1+18 milesTurfAqueduct25 May 2024
Santa Margarita StakesII$200,0004&upf&m1+18 milesDirtSanta Anita Park26 May 2024
Daytona StakesIII$101,0004&upopenabt. 6+12 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park26 May 2024
Triple Bend StakesII$201,0004&upopen7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park27 May 2023
Gamely StakesI$401,0003&upf&m1+18 milesTurfSanta Anita Park27 May 2024
Hollywood Gold Cup StakesI$400,5003&upopen1+14 milesDirtSanta Anita Park27 May 2024
Shoemaker Mile StakesI$503,0003&upopen1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park27 May 2024
Steve Sexton Mile StakesIII$400,0003&upopen1 mileDirtLone Star Park27 May 2024
Winning Colors StakesIII$223,2504&upf&m6 furlongsDirtChurchill Downs27 May 2024
Wonder Again StakesIII$200,0003yofillies1+18 milesTurfAqueduct11 June 2023
Penn Mile StakesII$400,0003yoopen1 mileTurfPenn National31 May 2024
Regret StakesIII$205,0003yofillies1+18 milesTurfChurchill Downs3 June 2023
Summertime OaksII$201,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park3 June 2023
Royal North StakesIICA$181,2503&upf&m6+12 furlongsTurfWoodbine (CA)3 June 2023
Belle Mahone StakeṣIIICA$157,8004&upf&m1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)3 June 2023
Arlington StakesIII$206,7503&upopen1+116 milesTurfChurchill Downs3 June 2023
Blame StakesIII$225,0004&upopen1+18 milesDirtChurchill Downs3 June 2023
Shawnee StakesIII$224,7504&upf&m1+116 milesDirtChurchill Downs3 June 2023
Mint Julep StakesIII$222,0004&upf&m1+116 milesTurfChurchill Downs4 June 2023
Eclipse StakesIICA$178,6004&upopen1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)4 June 2023
Intercontinental StakesIII$200,0004&upf&m6 furlongsTurfBelmont Park9 June 2023
Just a Game StakesI$485,0004&upf&m1 mileTurfBelmont Park9 June 2023
New York StakesI$600,0004&upf&m1+14 milesTurfBelmont Park9 June 2023
Belmont Gold Cup StakesII$250,0004&upopen2 milesTurfBelmont Park9 June 2023
Acorn StakesI$500,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtBelmont Park9 June 2023
Belmont StakesI$1,500,0003yoopen1+12 milesDirtBelmont Park10 June 2023
True North StakesII$250,0004&upopen6+12 furlongsDirtBelmont Park10 June 2023
Brooklyn StakesII$250,0004&upopen1+12 milesDirtBelmont Park10 June 2023
Ogden Phipps StakesI$500,0004&upf&m1+116 milesDirtBelmont Park10 June 2023
Woody Stephens StakesI$400,0003yoopen7 furlongsDirtBelmont Park10 June 2023
Jaipur StakesI$400,0003&upopen6 furlongsTurfBelmont Park10 June 2023
Manhattan StakesI$750,0004&upopen1+14 milesTurfBelmont Park10 June 2023
Metropolitan HandicapI$1,000,0003&upopen1 mileDirtBelmont Park10 June 2023
Poker StakesIII$200,0004&upopen1 mileTurfBelmont Park10 June 2023
Honeymoon StakesIII$101,5003yofillies1+18 milesTurfSanta Anita Park10 June 2023
Matt Winn StakesIII$400,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtEllis Park11 June 2023
Bed O' Roses StakesIII$194,0004&upf&m7 furlongsDirtBelmont Park17 June 2023
Salvator Mile StakesIII$155,0003&upopen1 mileDirtMonmouth Park17 June 2023
Eatontown StakesIII$150,0003&upf&m1+116 milesTurfMonmouth Park17 June 2023
Monmouth StakesIII$150,0003&upopen1+18 milesTurfMonmouth Park17 June 2023
San Juan Capistrano StakesIII$100,5003&upopenabt. 1+34 milesTurfSanta Anita Park18 June 2023
Chicago StakesIII$225,0004&upf&m7 furlongsDirtEllis Park24 June 2023
Ohio DerbyIII$500,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtThistledown24 June 2023
Dominion Day StakesIIICA$154,4003&upopen1+18 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)1 July 2023
Nassau StakesIICA$187,7503&upf&m1 mileTurfWoodbine (CA)1 July 2023
Highlander StakesIICA$224,9003&upopen6 furlongsTurfWoodbine (CA)1 July 2023
Selene StakesIIICA$155,6003yofillies1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)1 July 2023
Marine StakesIIICA$159,0003yoopen1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)1 July 2023
John A. Nerud StakesII$250,0003&upopen7 furlongsDirtBelmont Park1 July 2023
Dwyer StakesIII$200,0003yoopen1 mileDirtBelmont Park1 July 2023
Delaware OaksIII$300,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtDelaware Park1 July 2023
Robert G. Dick Memorial StakesIII$250,3003&upf&m1+38 milesTurfDelaware Park1 July 2023
Wise Dan StakesII$395,0003&upopen1+116 milesTurfEllis Park1 July 2023
Fleur de Lis StakesII$367,0004&upf&m1+18 milesDirtEllis Park1 July 2023
Stephen Foster StakesI$1,000,0004&upopen1+18 milesDirtEllis Park1 July 2023
Smile Sprint StakesIII$125,0003&upopen6 furlongsDirtGulfstream Park1 July 2023
Great Lady M. StakesII$202,0003&upf&m6+12 furlongsDirtLos Alamitos4 July 2023
Manila StakesIII$250,0003yoopen1 mileTurfBelmont Park7 July 2023
Iowa OaksIII$225,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtPrairie Meadows8 July 2023
Prairie Meadows Cornhusker HandicapIII$311,0263&upopen1+18 milesDirtPrairie Meadows8 July 2023
Suburban StakesII$339,5004&upopen1+14 milesDirtBelmont Park8 July 2023
Indiana DerbyIII$300,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtIndianapolis8 July 2023
Indiana OaksIII$200,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtIndianapolis8 July 2023
Belmont OaksI$500,0003yofillies1+14 milesTurfBelmont Park8 July 2023
Belmont DerbyI$750,0003yoopen1+14 milesTurfBelmont Park8 July 2023
Victory Ride StakesIII$175,5003yofillies6+12 furlongsDirtBelmont Park8 July 2023
Delaware HandicapII$500,0003&upf&m1+316 milesDirtDelaware Park8 July 2023
Schuylerville StakesIII$175,0002yofillies6 furlongsDirtSaratoga13 July 2023
Kelso StakesIII$175,0004&upopen1 mileTurfSaratoga15 July 2023
Sanford StakesIII$175,0002yoopen6 furlongsDirtSaratoga15 July 2023
Diana StakesI$485,0003&upf&m1+18 milesTurfSaratoga15 July 2023
Quick Call StakesListed$175,0003yoopen5+12 furlongsdirtSaratoga16 July 2023
Lake George StakesIII$175,0003yofillies1 mileTurfSaratoga21 July 2023
Haskell StakesI$1,017,5003yoopen1+18 milesDirtMonmouth Park22 July 2023
United Nations StakesI$612,0003&upopen1+38 milesTurfMonmouth Park22 July 2023
Molly Pitcher StakesIII$500,0003&upf&m1+116 milesDirtMonmouth Park22 July 2023
Monmouth Cup StakesIII$400,0003&upopen1+18 milesDirtMonmouth Park22 July 2023
Matchmaker StakesIII$300,0003&upf&m1+18 milesTurfMonmouth Park22 July 2023
Caress StakesIII$194,0004&upf&m5+12 furlongsTurfSaratoga22 July 2023
Coaching Club American OaksI$485,0003yofillies1+18 milesDirtSaratoga22 July 2023
San Clemente StakesII$204,5003yofillies1 mileTurfDel Mar22 July 2023
Ontario Colleen StakesIIICA$150,5003yofillies1 mileTurfWoodbine (CA)22 July 2023
Hendrie StakesIIICA$155,4004&upf&m6+12 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)22 July 2023
Shuvee StakesII$186,0004&upf&m1+18 milesDirtSaratoga23 July 2023
Cougar II StakesIII$126,0003&upopen1+12 milesDirtDel Mar23 July 2023
Connaught Cup StakesIICA$179,0004&upopen7 furlongsTurfWoodbine (CA)23 July 2023
Trillium StakesIIICA$168,3003&upf&m1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)23 July 2023
Honorable Miss HandicapII$186,0003&upf&m6 furlongsDirtSaratoga26 July 2023
Amsterdam StakesII$194,0003yoopen6+12 furlongsDirtSaratoga28 July 2023
Bing Crosby StakesI$403,5003&upopen6 furlongsDirtDel Mar29 July 2023
San Diego HandicapII$302,0003&upopen1+116 milesDirtDel Mar29 July 2023
Alfred G. Vanderbilt HandicapI$350,0003&upopen6 furlongsDirtSaratoga29 July 2023
Jim Dandy StakesII$485,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtSaratoga29 July 2023
Monmouth OaksIII$272,5003yofillies1+116 milesDirtMonmouth Park29 July 2023
Seagram Cup StakesIICA$178,8503&upopen1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)29 July 2023
Bowling Green StakesII$250,0004&upopen1+38 milesTurfSaratoga30 July 2023
Eddie Read StakesII$252,5003&upopen1+18 milesTurfDel Mar30 July 2023
Glens Falls StakesII$250,0003&upf&m1+12 milesTurfSaratoga3 August 2023
Saratoga Oaks InvitationalIII$400,0003yoopen1+316 milesTurfSaratoga4 August 2023
Troy StakesIII$300,0003&upopen5+12 furlongsTurfSaratoga5 August 2023
Clement L. Hirsch StakesI$400,0003&upf&m1+116 milesDirtDel Mar5 August 2023
Whitney StakesI$1,000,0003&upopen1+18 milesDirtSaratoga5 August 2023
Test StakesI$500,0003yofillies7 furlongsDirtSaratoga5 August 2023
Saratoga Derby InvitationalI$600,0003yoopen1+316 milesTurfSaratoga5 August 2023
West Virginia Governor's StakesIII$200,0003&upopen1+116 milesDirtMountaineer6 August 2023
West Virginia DerbyIII$500,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtMountaineer6 August 2023
La Jolla HandicapIII$151,5003yoopen1+116 milesTurfDel Mar6 August 2023
Adirondack StakesII$200,0002yofillies6+12 furlongsDirtSaratoga6 August 2023
Pucker Up Stakes[aq]III$292,5003yofillies1+18 milesTurfEllis Park6 August 2023
National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame StakesII$500,0003yoopen1 mileTurfSaratoga11 August 2023
Sorrento StakesII$201,0002yofillies6 furlongsDirtDel Mar12 August 2023
Yellow Ribbon HandicapII$251,0003&upf&m1+116 milesTurfDel Mar12 August 2023
Arlington MillionI$1,000,0003&upopen1+18 milesTurfColonial Downs12 August 2023
Secretariat StakesII$500,0003yoopen1 mileTurfColonial Downs12 August 2023
Beverly D. StakesI$500,0003&upf&m1+316 milesTurfColonial Downs12 August 2023
Fourstardave HandicapI$500,0003&upopen1 mileTurfSaratoga12 August 2023
Saratoga Special StakesII$200,0002yoopen6+12 furlongsDirtSaratoga12 August 2023
Best Pal StakesII$200,0002yoopen6 furlongsDirtDel Mar13 August 2023
Alabama StakesI$600,0003yofillies1+14 milesDirtSaratoga19 August 2023
Lake Placid StakesII$200,0003yofillies1+116 milesTurfSaratoga19 August 2023
Philip H. Iselin StakesIII$245,0003&upopen1+116 milesDirtMonmouth Park19 August 2023
Del Mar OaksI$302,5003yofillies1+18 milesTurfDel Mar19 August 2023
King Edward StakesIICA$205,7003&upopen1 mileTurfWoodbine (CA)19 August 2023
Bold Venture StakesIIICA$170,0003&upopen6+12 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)20 August 2023
Dance Smartly StakesIICA$208,4003&upf&m1+14 milesTurfWoodbine (CA)20 August 2023
Smarty Jones StakesIII$300,0003yoopen1+116 milesDirtParx Racing22 August 2023
Ballston Spa StakesII$300,0004&upf&m1+116 milesTurfSaratoga24 August 2023
Personal Ensign StakesI$500,0003&upf&m1+18 milesDirtSaratoga25 August 2023
Charles Town ClassicII$1,000,0004&upopen1+18 milesDirtCharles Town25 August 2023
Charles Town OaksIII$750,0003yofillies7 furlongsDirtCharles Town25 August 2023
Canadian DerbyIIICA$197,5003yoopen1+14 milesDirtCentury Mile (CA)26 August 2023
H. Allen Jerkens Memorial StakesI$485,0003yoopen7 furlongsDirtSaratoga26 August 2023
Travers StakesI$1,250,0003yoopen1+14 milesDirtSaratoga26 August 2023
Sword Dancer StakesI$750,0004&upopen1+12 milesTurfSaratoga26 August 2023
Forego StakesI$485,0004&upopen7 furlongsDirtSaratoga26 August 2023
Ballerina StakesI$500,0003&upf&m7 furlongsDirtSaratoga26 August 2023
Pat O'Brien StakesII$252,5003&upopen7 furlongsDirtDel Mar26 August 2023
Rancho Bernardo HandicapIII$126,0003&upf&m6+12 furlongsDirtDel Mar27 August 2023
With Anticipation StakesIII$175,0002yoopen1+116 milesTurfSaratoga31 August 2023
Saranac StakesIII$169,7503yoopen1+116 milesTurfSaratoga1 September 2023
Prioress StakesII$242,5003yofillies6 furlongsDirtSaratoga2 September 2023
Pacific Classic StakesI$1,002,5003&upopen1+14 milesDirtDel Mar2 September 2023
Del Mar HandicapII$303,0003&upopen1+38 milesTurfDel Mar2 September 2023
Del Mar Mile StakesII$302,5003&upopen1 mileTurfDel Mar2 September 2023
Flower Bowl StakesII$465,0003&upf&m1+38 milesTurfSaratoga2 September 2023
Jockey Club Gold CupI$1,000,0003&upopen1+14 milesDirtSaratoga2 September 2023
Torrey Pines StakesIII$151,5003yofillies1 mileDirtDel Mar2 September 2023
Green Flash HandicapIII$153,5003&upopen5 furlongsTurfDel Mar2 September 2023
Music City StakesIII$996,5703yofillies6+12 furlongsTurfKentucky Downs2 September 2023
Mint Millions StakesIII$1,994,2853&upopen1 mileTurfKentucky Downs2 September 2023
Spinaway StakesI$300,0002yofillies7 furlongsDirtSaratoga3 September 2023
Del Mar DerbyII$302,0003yoopen1+18 milesTurfDel Mar3 September 2023
Dueling Grounds DerbyIII$998,0003yoopen1+516 milesTurfKentucky Downs3 September 2023
Hopeful StakesI$300,0002yoopen7 furlongsDirtSaratoga4 September 2023
Virginia DerbyIII$500,0003yoopen1+18 milesTurfColonial Downs9 September 2023
Canadian StakesIICA$224,0003&upf&m1+18 milesTurfWoodbine (CA)9 September 2023
Singspiel StakesIIICA$155,4003&upopen1+14 milesTurfWoodbine (CA)9 September 2023
Kentucky Turf CupII$1,675,4293&upopen1+12 milesTurfKentucky Downs9 September 2023
Castle Hill Gaming Ladies Sprint StakesIII$1,000,0003&upf&m6+12 furlongsTurfKentucky Downs9 September 2023
Ainsworth Turf Sprint StakeII$998,6673&upopen6 furlongsTurfKentucky Downs9 September 2023
Kentucky Downs Ladies Turf StakesII$900,0003&upf&m1 mileTurfKentucky Downs9 September 2023
Franklin-Simpson StakesII$968,0003yoopen6+12 furlongsTurfKentucky Downs9 September 2023
John C. Mabee StakesII$250,5003&upf&m1+18 milesTurfDel Mar9 September 2023
Del Mar Debutante StakesI$303,5002yofillies7 furlongsDirtDel Mar9 September 2023
Aristocrat Ladies Marathon StakesIII$900,0003&upf&m1+516 milesTurfKentucky Downs9 September 2023
Del Mar FuturityI$302,0002yoopen7 furlongsDirtDel Mar10 September 2023
Del Mar Juvenile Turf StakesIII$104,5002yoopen1 mileTurfDel Mar10 September 2023
Baltimore Washington International Turf CupIII$192,0003&upopen1 mileTurfPimlico16 September 2023
British Columbia DerbyIIICA$117,5003yoopen1+18 milesDirtHastings (CA)16 September 2023
Jockey Club Oaks Invitational StakesIII$350,0003yofillies1+38 milesTurfAqueduct16 September 2023
Pocahontas StakesIII$300,0002yofillies1 mileDirtChurchill Downs16 September 2023
Iroquois StakesIII$300,0002yoopen1 mileDirtChurchill Downs16 September 2023
Locust Grove StakesIII$397,0003&upf&m1+116 milesDirtChurchill Downs16 September 2023
Woodbine MileICA$1,022,0003&upopen1 mileTurfWoodbine (CA)16 September 2023
Summer StakesICA$522,5002yoopen1 mileTurfWoodbine (CA)16 September 2023
Vigil StakesIIICA$172,8003&upopen6 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)16 September 2023
Natalma StakesICA$503,5002yofillies1 mileTurfWoodbine (CA)16 September 2023
Seaway StakesIIICA$161,3003&upf&m7 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)17 September 2023
Presque Isle Downs Masters StakesII$298,5003&upf&m6+12 furlongsAll weatherPresque Isle Downs18 September 2023
Cotillion StakesI$1,000,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtParx Racing23 September 2023
Pennsylvania DerbyI$1,000,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtParx Racing23 September 2023
Gallant Bob StakesII$300,0003yoopen6 furlongsDirtParx Racing23 September 2023
Turf Monster StakesIII$300,0003&upopen5 furlongsTurfParx Racing23 September 2023
Greenwood Cup StakesIII$200,0003&upopen1+12 milesDirtParx Racing23 September 2023
Dogwood StakesIII$274,0003yofillies7 furlongsDirtChurchill Downs23 September 2023
Remington Park OaksIII$210,0003yofillies1+116 milesDirtRemington Park24 September 2023
Oklahoma DerbyIII$400,0003yoopen1+18 milesDirtRemington Park24 September 2023
Chillingworth StakesIII$101,0003&upf&m6+12 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park29 September 2023
Eddie D StakesII$203,0003&upopenabt. 6+12 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park30 September 2023
Awesome Again StakesI$302,0003&upopen1+18 milesDirtSanta Anita Park30 September 2023
City of Hope Mile StakesII$202,0003&upopen1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park30 September 2023
Santa Anita Sprint ChampionshipII$202,0003&upopen6 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park30 September 2023
Ack Ack StakesIII$400,0003&upopen1 mileDirtChurchill Downs30 September 2023
Lukas Classic StakesIII$438,6603&upopen1+18 milesDirtChurchill Downs30 September 2023
Woodward StakesII$400,0003&upopen1+18 milesDirtAqueduct1 October 2023
Gallant Bloom HandicapII$250,0003&upf&m6+12 furlongsDirtAqueduct1 October 2023
Vosburgh StakesII$250,0003&upopen7 furlongsDirtAqueduct1 October 2023
John Henry Turf Championship StakesII$201,5003&upopen1+14 milesTurfSanta Anita Park1 October 2023
Tokyo City Cup StakesIII$98,0004&upopen1+12 milesDirtSanta Anita Park1 October 2023
Zenyatta StakesII$196,0003&upf&m1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park1 October 2023
Miss Grillo StakesII$200,0002yofillies1+116 milesTurfAqueduct4 October 2023
Pilgrim StakesIII$200,0002yoopen1+116 milesTurfAqueduct4 October 2023
Jessamine StakesII$350,0002yofillies1+116 milesTurfKeeneland6 October 2023
Alcibiades StakesI$600,0002yofillies1+116 milesDirtKeeneland6 October 2023
Phoenix StakesII$349,3753&upopen6 furlongsDirtKeeneland6 October 2023
Joe Hirsch Turf ClassicI$500,0003&upopen1+12 milesTurfAqueduct7 October 2023
Champagne StakesI$500,0002yoopen1 mileDirtAqueduct7 October 2023
Jockey Club Derby Invitational StakesListed$485,0003yoopen1+14 milesDirtAqueduct7 October 2023
Belmont Turf Sprint StakesListed$200,0003&upopen6 furlongsTurfAqueduct7 October 2023
Frizette StakesI$400,0002yofillies1 mileDirtAqueduct7 October 2023
Waya StakesIII$186,0003&upf&m1+38 milesTurfAqueduct7 October 2023
American Pharoah StakesI$301,5002yoopen1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park7 October 2023
Chandelier StakesII$202,0002yofillies1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park7 October 2023
Rodeo Drive StakesII$301,5003&upf&m1+14 milesTurfSanta Anita Park7 October 2023
Coolmore Turf Mile StakesI$1,000,0003&upopen1 mileTurfKeeneland7 October 2023
Woodford StakesII$337,9693&upopen5+12 furlongsTurfKeeneland7 October 2023
Thoroughbred Club of America StakesII$350,0003&upf&m6 furlongsDirtKeeneland7 October 2023
Breeders' Futurity StakesI$580,7502yoopen1+116 milesDirtKeeneland7 October 2023
First Lady StakesI$724,6883&upf&m1 mileTurfKeeneland7 October 2023
Princess Rooney StakesIII$200,0003&upf&m7 furlongsDirtGulfstream Park7 October 2023
Durham Cup StakesIIICA$168,0003&upopen1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)7 October 2023
BC Premier's HandicapIIICA$100,0003&upopen1+38 milesDirtHastings (CA)7 October 2023
Noble Damsel StakesListed$112,5003&upf&m1 mileTurfAqueduct8 October 2023
E.P. Taylor StakesICA$766,0003&upf&m1+14 milesTurfWoodbine (CA)8 October 2023
Canadian International StakesICA$753,0003&upopen1+14 milesTurfWoodbine (CA)8 October 2023
Nearctic StakesIICA$263,0003&upopen6 furlongsTurfWoodbine (CA)8 October 2023
Matron StakesListed$150,0002yofillies6 furlongsTurfAqueduct8 October 2023
Spinster StakesI$580,2503&upf&m1+18 milesDirtKeeneland8 October 2023
Bourbon StakesII$350,0002yoopen1+116 milesTurfKeeneland8 October 2023
Beldame StakesII$232,5003&upf&m1+18 milesDirtAqueduct8 October 2023
Futurity StakesListed$150,0002yoopen6 furlongsTurfAqueduct8 October 2023
Zuma Beach StakesIII$201,5002yoopen1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park8 October 2023
Surfer Girl StakesIII$202,0002yofillies1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park8 October 2023
Sycamore StakesIII$266,8133&upopen1+12 milesTurfKeeneland13 October 2023
Ontario Fashion StakesIIICA$150,8003&upf&m6 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)14 October 2023
Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup StakesI$569,1253yofillies1+18 milesTurfKeeneland14 October 2023
Sands Point StakesII$200,0003yofillies1+18 milesTurfAqueduct14 October 2023
Ontario Matron StakesIIICA$172,6003&upf&m1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)14 October 2023
Franklin StakesIII$263,0003&upf&m5+12 furlongsTurfKeeneland15 October 2023
Knickerbocker StakesListed$112,5003&upopen1+18 milesDirtAqueduct20 October 2023
Raven Run StakesII$349,3753yofillies7 furlongsDirtKeeneland21 October 2023
Ontario DerbyIIICA$179,3003yoopen1+18 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)21 October 2023
Dowager StakesIII$294,6883&upf&m1+12 milesTurfKeeneland22 October 2023
Valley View StakesIII$299,3753yofillies1+116 milesTurfKeeneland27 October 2023
Bold Ruler StakesIII$200,0003&upopen7 furlongsDirtAqueduct27 October 2023
Forty Niner StakesII$300,0003&upopen1 mileDirtAqueduct28 October 2023
Mother Goose StakesII$250,0003yofillies1+18 milesDirtAqueduct28 October 2023
Fayette StakesII$310,5383&upopen1+18 milesDirtKeeneland28 October 2023
Bryan Station StakesIII$297,3073&upopen1 mileTurfKeeneland28 October 2023
Street Sense StakesIII$200,0002yoopen1 mileDirtChurchill Downs29 October 2023
Breeders' Cup JuvenileI$2,000,0002yoc&g1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park3 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Juvenile FilliesI$2,000,0002yofillies1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park3 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies TurfI$1,000,0002yofillies1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park3 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Juvenile TurfI$1,000,0002yoc&g1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park3 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf SprintI$1,000,0002yoopen5 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park3 November 2023
Breeders' Cup ClassicI$6,000,0003&upopen1+14 milesDirtSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare TurfI$2,000,0003&upf&m1+14 milesTurfSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup TurfI$4,000,0003&upopen1+12 milesTurfSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Turf SprintI$1,000,0003&upopen5 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup SprintI$2,000,0003&upopen6 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare SprintI$1,000,0003&upf&m7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup Dirt MileI$1,000,0003&upopen1 mileDirtSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup MileI$2,000,0003&upopen1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Breeders' Cup DistaffI$2,000,0003&upf&m1+18 milesDirtSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Mazarine StakesIIICA$150,0002yofillies1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)4 November 2023
Grey StakesIIICA$156,9002yoopen1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)4 November 2023
Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance StakesII$250,0003&upopen1+58 milesDirtSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Twilight DerbyII$254,0003yoopen1+18 milesTurfSanta Anita Park4 November 2023
Golden Gate HandicapIII$100,9003&upopen1+116 milesAll weatherGolden Gate Fields4 November 2023
Goldikova StakesII$200,5003&upf&m1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park5 November 2023
Autumn Miss StakesIII$101,0003yofillies1 mileTurfSanta Anita Park5 November 2023
Autumn StakesIICA$177,1003&upopen1+116 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)5 November 2023
Pebbles StakesIII$200,0003yofillies1 mileTurfAqueduct11 November 2023
Red Smith StakesIII$300,0003&upopen1+38 milesTurfAqueduct11 November 2023
River City HandicapIII$289,8583&upopen1+18 milesTurfChurchill Downs11 November 2023
Bessarabian StakesIICA$181,7003&upf&m7 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)11 November 2023
Maple Leaf StakesIIICA$171,8003&upf&m1+14 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)11 November 2023
Long Island StakesIII$300,0003&upf&m1+38 milesTurfAqueduct12 November 2023
Hill Prince StakesII$250,0003yoopen1+18 milesTurfAqueduct18 November 2023
Chilukki StakesIII$295,0003&upf&m1 mileDirtChurchill Downs18 November 2023
Kennedy Road StakesIICA$178,1503&upopen6 furlongsAll weatherWoodbine (CA)18 November 2023
Bob Hope StakesIII$100,0002yoopen7 furlongsDirtDel Mar19 November 2023
Falls City StakesIII$400,0003&upf&m1+18 milesDirtChurchill Downs23 November 2023
Cardinal StakesIII$267,5003&upf&m1+18 milesTurfChurchill Downs23 November 2023
Red Carpet StakesIII$101,0003&upf&m1+38 milesTurfDel Mar23 November 2023
Clark StakesII$599,5003&upopen1+18 milesDirtChurchill Downs24 November 2023
Mrs. Revere StakesIII$298,2503yofillies1+116 milesDirtChurchill Downs24 November 2023
Hollywood Turf Cup StakesII$201,0003&upopen1+12 milesTurfDel Mar24 November 2023
Fall Highweight HandicapIII$194,0003&upopen6 furlongsDirtAqueduct24 November 2023
Comely StakesIII$175,0003yofillies1+18 milesDirtAqueduct25 November 2023
Kentucky Jockey Club StakesII$399,6252yoopen1+116 milesDirtChurchill Downs25 November 2023
Golden Rod StakesII$400,0002yofillies1+116 milesDirtChurchill Downs25 November 2023
Seabiscuit HandicapII$251,5003&upopen1+116 milesTurfDel Mar25 November 2023
Native Diver StakesIII$150,5003&upopen1+18 milesDirtDel Mar26 November 2023
Commonwealth Turf StakesIII$400,0003&upopen1+116 milesTurfChurchill Downs26 November 2023
Jimmy Durante StakesIII$102,5002yofillies1 mileTurfDel Mar2 December 2023
Hollywood DerbyI$301,0003yoopen1+18 milesTurfDel Mar2 December 2023
Cigar Mile HandicapII$500,0003&upopen1 mileDirtAqueduct2 December 2023
Demoiselle StakesII$250,0002yofillies1+18 milesDirtAqueduct2 December 2023
Remsen StakesII$250,0002yoopen1+18 milesDirtAqueduct2 December 2023
Go for Wand HandicapIII$194,0003&upf&m1 mileDirtAqueduct2 December 2023
Matriarch StakesI$303,0003&upf&m1 mileTurfDel Mar3 December 2023
Cecil B. DeMille StakesIII$102,0002yoopen1 mileTurfDel Mar3 December 2023
Valedictory StakesIIICA$159,6003&upopen1+12 milesAll weatherWoodbine (CA)3 December 2023
Starlet StakesII$300,5002yofillies1+116 milesDirtLos Alamitos9 December 2023
Bayakoa Stakes (Los Alamitos)III$100,5003&upf&m1+116 milesDirtLos Alamitos15 December 2023
Los Alamitos FuturityIII$200,5002yoopen1+116 milesDirtLos Alamitos16 December 2023
Mr. Prospector StakesIII$125,0003&upopen7 furlongsDirtGulfstream Park23 December 2023
Sugar Swirl StakesIII$150,0003&upf&m6 furlongsDirtGulfstream Park23 December 2023
San Gabriel StakesII$200,5003&upopen1+18 milesDirtSanta Anita Park26 December 2023
American OaksI$300,0003yofillies1+14 milesDirtSanta Anita Park26 December 2023
La Brea StakesI$302,0003yofillies7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park26 December 2023
Malibu StakesI$301,0003yoopen7 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park26 December 2023
San Antonio StakesII$200,0003&upopen1+116 milesDirtSanta Anita Park26 December 2023
Mathis Mile StakesII$200,5003yoopen1 mileDirtSanta Anita Park26 December 2023
Fort Lauderdale StakesII$200,0003&upopen1+18 milesTurfGulfstream Park30 December 2023
Harlan's Holiday StakesIII$150,0003&upopen1+116 milesDirtGulfstream Park30 December 2023
Suwannee River StakesIII$125,0003&upf&m1 mileTurfGulfstream Park30 December 2023
Joe Hernandez StakesII$203,5003&upopenabt. 6+12 furlongsTurfSanta Anita Park30 December 2023
Robert J. Frankel StakesIII$100,5003&upf&m1+18 milesTurfSanta Anita Park30 December 2023
Las Flores StakesIII$101,5003&upf&m6 furlongsDirtSanta Anita Park31 December 2022
Northern Dancer Turf StakesICA$340,2003&upopen1+12 milesTurfWoodbine (CA)18 October 2020