About Us

Pick Pony |March 21, 2024, 8:40 p.m.

Here comes Pick Pony!

Who We Are

As a software engineer with over forty years of experience designing and coding software for various platforms, from mainframes to mobile phones, I've seen and done it all. Recently, I've been delving into AI and machine learning.

Why choose Pick Pony? I've tried every Past Performance tool available. While each has its merits, none met all my needs. So, as a software engineer, I decided to build my own. As a businessman, I decided to make it available for everyone to use.

What to Expect

Past Performance Sheets

Our primary service allows you to upload your Bris.com data files for processing. We will turn them into a Past Performance booklet, which you can customize, including field and column ordering. You can also enable analysis features like automatic highlighting and notes. We offer AI-driven heatmaps, charts, and summaries, incorporating the best aspects of every PP product into a single service.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We offer a growing catalog of AI/machine learning services. While AI may not be able to outperform human handicappers yet, it excels at data analysis and trend spotting. We provide a range of AI tools, which will become the centerpiece of Pick Pony going forward.

A Website Community

We also offer the Pick Pony website, which features news, articles, resources, tools, and more. Our aim is to become a hub for horse racing enthusiasts. Tell us what you need, and we'll strive to build it for you.

Visit us regularly as we roll out updates daily. Don't hesitate to email us at darkhorse@pickpony.com with suggestions on what you'd like to see!