Pick Pony Past Performance Sheets (PPs)

Pick Pony | April 3, 2024, 2:40 p.m.

What makes Pick Pony PPs different?

Smart and User-Friendly Past Performances with AI Integration

Experience the next level of Past Performance sheets with Pick Pony's AI-powered approach! Our smart system transforms complex horse race handicapping data into easily digestible, critical information, making your handicapping process both efficient and precise. Just upload your Brisnet data file, and let our advanced AI handle the rest.

What are Brisnet data files?

Brisnet is a global front-runner in horse racing data. Many of the Past Performance sheets you're using now are built on Bris data. These data files, available at just $1, are packed with all the necessary data to create a Past Performance sheet in an accessible Excel/CSV format. With a simple click to download and another to upload on our website, your personalized PPS is ready. It's as quick and easy as it gets!

Why we believe Pick Pony PPs represent the next-gen Past Performance Sheet 

Experience a revolution in horse race handicapping with Pick Pony PPs, the next-gen Past Performance Sheet. This intuitive system is designed to be user-friendly, with a comprehensive legend that makes even the most complex data easily understandable. Here’s a taste of the features we provide in our past performance sheets:

1. Get ahead of the game with integrated weather forecasts for each race.
2. Uncover hidden insights with our configurable highlighting of critical jockey, trainer, and race statistics.
3. Enjoy a streamlined view of the racelines, with race times, pace, speed, and race shape stats conveniently grouped together in a format that makes sense.
4. Benefit from rankings and averages of all your horse racing statistics, providing a quick overview of all essential information and how it relates to the other horse in the race.
5. Gain an edge with our annotated works (workouts) display, which can be integrated with race data for a seamless analysis experience.
6. Navigate race data effortlessly with our intelligent organization of color-coded post positions, horse pedigree, track variant, feet-per-second calculations, negative comments, and other key details.
7. Experience our superior racelines, featuring annotated track information, integrated feet-per-second calculations, color-coded datapoints, and more.

Click here to download a SAMPLE Pick Pony Past Performance report.

Prepare for a whole new level of racing analysis with Pick Pony PPs! 


Graphical heatmaps

Our Past Performance sheets contain heatmaps for every race. Reveal the relationship between performance ratings with these easy-to-visualize graphical heatmaps! These vibrant displays bring speed ratings, jockey and trainer statistics, works rankings, E1/E2/LP pace, and days between races, and more. Our heatmaps use a color gradient from dark red to dark green - the darker the green, the better the stat value - allowing you to easily identify patterns, cycles, and trends in a horse's performance. Uncover winning insights with our past performance sheets!

Speed trend charts

We include a speed chart for every horse in the race that illustrates the horse's speed progression over time. The blue line indicates the speed, while the dashed blue line paints a picture of the speed trend. The dark orange line is the horse's average speed, Dashed-green and red lines are moving averages which act like "Bollinger bands" in a financial chart. Notice how the speed line bounces around between the moving averages. When a speed line comes close to touching a "Bollinger band", you can expect the speed rating to "bounce" off the line so that it remains within the Bollinger bands. It's a time-proven statistic in the financial world that works in the horse racing world too.

Pace trend charts

Pick Pony Past Performance sheets include a trend chart for every horse in the race. We include trend lines for E1, E2, and LP pace. Green is E1 pace, Blue is E2 pace, and Red is late pace. The steepness of the line indicates the degree of the trend for each pace as calculated by our AI.

Feet-per-second charts

Many believe feet-per-second calculations revolutionalized horse race analysis. We do the cumbersome calculations for you and integrate the feet-per-second calculations directly in the race lines plus provide a FPS chart for every horse in the race. The green line is the FPS for the first fraction,  blue is the critical turn time (second) fraction, and red in the FPS of the final fraction. Dashed lines indicate the trend for each FPS fraction.

Race summaries

Unleash the power of data with our comprehensive horse racing summaries! Dive into the heart of the races with wide-ranging data points, covering everything from overall averages to the nitty-gritty of speed, pace, and turf performance. Our summaries aren't just about past performances - we'll also bring you up-to-the-minute rankings of race entries for fast track and race distance performance, prime power, and more.

And the changes don't end there! We're constantly innovating, adding new summaries to our past performance reports to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Can't find what you're looking for? We're all ears - just let us know! Uncover the thrill of the races like never before with Pick Pony's Past Performance Sheets.


Revolutionize your racing strategy with Pick Pony! Our platform provides a bespoke experience, letting you customize your data presentation. Simply upload your Brisnet data file and choose how you want your data parsed and displayed. Say goodbye to unnecessary information, with the freedom to remove unneeded highlights or legends. Your Past Performance report is entirely in your control, with the added convenience of saving options and reloading your defaults each time you create a new PP.

Data consolidation and storage for additional statistical analysis and handicapping insights

But that's not all - Pick Pony is also your data consolidation and storage solution for advanced statistical analysis and handicapping insights. When you upload your Bris data file, we securely archive it while parsing the data into discrete data points stored in your account. This treasure trove of information can be tapped into for statistical reports, machine learning and more. With every new upload, your data cache grows, paving the way for comprehensive dashboards, track bias reports, trainer/jockey reports, and so much more!

Handicapping toolsets

Your Pick Pony subscription also comes with an array of handicapping toolsets. Look forward to our unique betting diary (coming soon) which cleverly links your uploaded Bris race data to a handicapping worksheet. This not only assists in calculating underlays and overlays, but doubles as a betting log book, keeping you updated on your bets and winnings.

More coming soon!

At Pick Pony, we believe in constant evolution. That's why we're continually enhancing our platform to make your horse racing data more readable and intelligently consolidated. Stay tuned for exciting additions such as AI analysis, machine learning, advanced betting tools, the ability to add personal notes, and much more. Join Pick Pony today and elevate your horse racing experience!

Example Pick Pony Past Performances sheet

Here is an example Pick Pony Past Performances sheet from 2024 that is suitable for display on a desktop device..

How to purchase Pick Pony Past Performance Reports

Discover the world of Pick Pony, where getting started is as simple as setting up an account with just your email and password. Once you're in, a treasure trove of products awaits in the Pick Pony zone. Don't miss out. Join us today!

How to generate a Pick Pony Past Performance Report

Experience the ease and convenience of our service as we guide you through the creation of your personalized past performance report. Just purchase your datafile from Brisnet, upload it to our user-friendly system, and customize your report with various options to meet your specific needs. In a matter of minutes, your tailored report will be ready. We ensure you're always in the loop, sending notifications both within our platform and via email. Join us, and elevate your past performance analysis to the next level.

Convenient monthly plans

Pick Pony offers a variety of plans. You may purchase a single Past Performance Sheet or subscribe to one of our monthly plans, which offer additional subscriber benefits like exclusive articles, AI analytics, expert picks, and more. ALL MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PLANS REMOVE ADVERTISEMENTS FROM WEBSITE. After making your purchase, upload your Bris data file for processing, then download your PPS report from the Past Performances dashboard.