Pick Pony Past Performance Sheets (PPs)

Pick Pony |April 3, 2024, 2:40 p.m.

Convenient monthly plans

Pick Pony offers a variety of plans. You may purchase a single Past Performance Sheet or subscribe to one of our monthly plans, which offer additional subscriber benefits like exclusive articles, AI analytics, expert picks, and more. ALL MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PLANS REMOVE ADVERTISEMENTS FROM WEBSITE.

What makes Pick Pony PPs different?

Convenient, intelligent datapoints

Pick Pony set out to process your Brisnet datafiles in a more intelligent and efficient manner. Each PPs will contain a legend explaining every field, footnote, and datapoint so even novices can understand the presentation of past performance data. For instance, your generated PP will contain:

1 - Integrated weather forecasts for each race on the card

2 - Easier-to-read race, jockey, and trainer statistics with highlighting of out-of-normal range stats.

3 - Reorganized race data putting race times, pace, speed, and race shape stats together with highlighting of statistics that fall significantly above or below the norm.

4 - Averages of all datapoints

5 - Annotated works display after the race statistics with the option to integrate works with race data

6 - Intelligently organized race data such as color-coded post position, horse pedigree and business information, horse physical characteristics, etc.

7 - Better race data such as reformatted dates, annotated track information, and color-coded race surface data


Graphical heatmaps

Graphical heatmaps make it easier to visualize data such as speed ratings, jockey and trainer stats, works rankings, E1/E2/LP pace, days between races and more. Data in the heatmaps bleeds from dark red to dark green (the darker the green, the better the stat value).

Speed trend charts

Speed charts showing the horse's speed progression over time. The blue line indicates the speed while the dashed blue line indicates the speed trend. The dark orange line is the horse's average speed, Dashed-green and red lines are moving averages which act like "Bollinger bands" in a financial chart. Notice how the speed line bounces around between the moving averages. When a speed line comes close to touching a "Bollinger band", you can expect the speed rating to "bounce" off the line so that it remains withing the Bollinger bands.

Pace trend charts

We include trend lines for E1, E2, and LP pace. Green is E1 pace, Blue is E2 pace, and Red is late pace. The steepness of the line indicates the degree of the trend for each pace.

Race summaries

We provide a plethora of race summary information ranking horses on a wide variety of data points. And we're adding more summaries every day! Don't see a summary you think you need? Let us know!


After you've uploaded your Brisnet datafile, we will let you choose how you want your data parsed and displayed. Don't want the highlights? Uncheck the option and they will be removed from the final PP. Don't want the legend on every PP you generated. Uncheck the option and it will be removed. We let you decide how you want your Past Performance report displayed with the ability to save options and reload your defaults each time you create a new PP.

More coming soon!

Pick Pony thinks PPs should be continuously improved. We are constantly adding new ways to make your Brisnet data easier to read with a more intelligent consolidation of data. We are adding AI analysis and the ability to add your own notes too.

How to purchase Pick Pony Past Performance Reports

To purchase Pick Pony products, first create an account. It's easy and requires only your email address and a password! Once your account is created, you can purchase products in the Pick Pony Shop.

How to generate a Pick Pony Past Performance Report

We walk you through the upload and creation of your past performance report. In short, you purchase your past performance datafile from Brisnet, then upload the file to our system. Select the options you want and customize your past performance report. Processing of your datafile takes a few minutes. When your report is ready, we'll notify you via our in-system notification system and through email.